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A Good Kitchen has a Great Garden

Although we are blessed in Australia with great produce “fresh is best: and somethings like potatoes for instance are a completely different creature when picked and immediately cooked. The same goes for beans and peas really nearly everything as the natural sugars in the vegetable convert to starch on picking and take the sweetness and flavour with them.

It equally goes without saying that a herb garden particularly at the back door is an essential

We have been growing organically and keeping records now since…... We have made lots of mistakes and had lots of successes. Nothing leaves the system except to be eaten, with deep a litter pen (complete with chandeliers!) and free ranging chickens, part of the obsessive composting, and worm farm of the cycle.

Absurdly we now have over a dozen vege beds and are able to be quite creative with what goes where and with whom.

We are devotees of crop rotation and companion planting and will share with you our versions of this plus a what to plant when and our own diary.

We will not recommend anything we don’t use ourselves and essentially want to share our knowledge with you all in the plainest language we can.

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