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Food Thermometer for Kitchen BBQ and Outdoor Cooking (Red)

Week 1

Have you ever under or over cooked a Christmas roast? It sucks!

Using a food thermometer not only keeps you safe from harmful food bacteria but it also helps you to avoid overcooking, keeping it juicy and flavourful exactly what you want to impress your relatives.

This super fast instant food thermometer comes with heaps of features: 

  • Waterproof!

  • Lifetime warranty!

  • Calibration Functions!

  • Backlight!

  • Inbuilt Magnet! 

  • Long Folding Probe!

  • Auto Off function

Don't know what to buy the cook of the house for christmas? Pefect!


1st product of the week.jpg

Davis & Waddell D1171 Whisk with Sphere & Ball - Metallic

Week 2

  • ​Perfect for use in our omelette recipie which is coming soon!

  • Unlike most other whisks, this clever tool includes sphere and encased ball dramatically improves the efficacy of your whisking

  • Works by creating more aeration through your food for a faster, smoother and less lumpy finish

  • With more efficient whisking you'll save time, effort and protect your wrists

  • Use for beating creating egg white peaks, batters; sauces, dressings, mousse, custards and more

  • Stainless steel design for durability and easy cleaning

  • Buy it now and get it before Christmas! 

Whisk product of w 2.jpg
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